The Shetland sheep arrived in 2009 and they have proved to tidy and fertilize the paddocks, and have been a joy to have around with their friendly characters and unusual colours.

Also Shetland sheep have the finest wool of all our native sheep, and their meat is delicious.

The ponies at Abacus came down from Shetland so we wanted to do the same with the sheep so in September 2010

the first Shetland sheep arrived from the Shetland Islands.

Transporting ponies from Shetland is relatively straight forward, maybe because I have done it for so long, but ponies in small numbers are transported regularly up and down the country and I have a transporter I know and trust.  Sheep on the other hand are moved around the country in their hundreds, not tens, so it was quite expensive to transport them south from Aberdeen after their overnight ferry ride from Shetland.

These sheep formed the foundation flock for Abacus.  

38 sheep from Shetland arrived on the 24th September 2010

It was quite a procedure -  but all arrived safely

So exciting - see ‘Sheep from Shetland’ below for photos.

More Shetland sheep arrived from Shetland on the 12th October 2012

adding more genes to the pool - these we were lucky enough to be able to collect from the ferry terminal ourselves, a two day trip for us humans and again expensive per individual sheep, but we enjoyed ourselves and the sheep travelled very well under our personal care.


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The main flock have now been sheared for 2017 - fleeces for sale - most are £5 each

Buyer collects - sorry will not post.



Shetland Sheep